Tuesday, February 2, 2010


“…In a society based on private property and the enslavement of millions of propertyless toilers by a handful of rich people, the government cannot be anything but the loyal friend and ally of the exploiters and the most reliable guardian of their power. In our times, guns, bayonets and whips are not a sufficiently reliable guardian; it is necessary to convince the exploited that the government stands above the bourgeoisie, but those of justice, that is concerned with protecting the weak and the poor against the rich and the powerful…”

A huge percentage of the Philippines’ lands belongs to private corporations. These private corporations are owned by a few families who make up the tip of the triangle, the only people who can honestly say that they live comfortable and happy lives in this country we are forced to call home. I have no knowledge whatsoever on how such families have accumulated such wealth to be able to own what can be almost half, or at the rate that they are going, probably more than half of the country’s lands. All I know is these families surely have paved smooth ways for the next generations that will be lucky to be born into such names. As the country is largely dependent on these filthy rich people, the government doesn’t have any choice but to be of the same page as them. Thus, the government loses the sole advantage that they have over these people and chooses to be enslaved by them. The amount of money and the number of favors they get from these rich people are beyond every regular Filipino’s wildest dream. As much as it is of great embarrassment to reveal this, our country is run by desperate social climbers who will do everything to be recognized by high society.

The divide between the rich and poor is greatly affected by the officials’ outright social climbing. As what matters most is their moneymaking and their shameless acts of theft, the welfare of those who need assistance the most goes disregarded. It is a sad reality that in this country, the rich are getting richer and the poor are only getting poorer. It is of a sadder reality that one’s definition of poor might not even suffice to describe the despicable lifestyles this country’s poor have turned out to be over the years. No improvement has been made even though there have been countless promises made by aspiring officials who, when before elected give highly likeable platforms regarding helping the poor, but when elected in office break such promises because of the blinding light that is their greed.

And now that May is coming up, we are again bombarded by such promises—promises of a better future and of an honest tomorrow. But trust is a hard to give, especially when it has been already broken not just once but many times over. A complete overhaul is needed—one where a complete reshuffling of power is involved. The government must once and for all assert its power and not let their personal interests lead the way.

Patricia Camille M. De los Santos

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